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[admin] April's Theme
by myriadminion (myriadminion)
at March 30th, 2006 (06:54 pm)

April's Theme is Regency!Harry Potter. Below are descriptions of Regency novels and the Harry Potter series. The parallels between Regency novels and Harry Potter are apparent, focusing on issues of class, race and society in flux, gearing up to fight a great evil on the horizon.

Regency novels

Regency novels are somewhat a fluid concept. Technically, Regency novels are set in the period when Mad King George the Third was removed from the throne, his son acting as Prince Regent until his father passed away. This was for a brief period-- from 1811-1820. The period has been somewhat loosely defined over time--sometimes considered the period between Georgian times and Victorian times, thereby including the reign of George IV and William IV. Sometimes, people include the Napoleanic Wars. Depends on your flavour, if you will.

Novels from this time period include works by Jane Austen and Sir Walter Scott. So that would mean Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Ivanhoe, etc.

Regency novels also include novels set in the Regency time period. These novels tend to focus on issues of manners, class and social standing. If one expands to the Napoleanic Wars, you have the great big bad that is Napolean. Marriage and love are often central themes as well, in part because marriage was one of the few ways in which people could change their social status, up or down.

Harry Potter

If you haven't heard of Harry Potter, you possibly live under a stone. However, since people live in all sorts of places, here is a brief a synopsis. Harry Potter is a series of seven books about a boy named Harry Potter. He is the saviour of the Wizarding World, an alternate universe that somehow manages to co-exist with the human world, or the Muggle world, as it is known in the series. The Wizarding World is a world where magic exists--its practitioners are wizards and witches. Harry is a wizard, slated to kill the Big Bad, Lord Voldemort, but he is unaware of his legacy until his eleventh birthday, when he receives a letter to attend Hogwarts, the renowned Wizarding school in Scotland. J.K. Rowling attempts to spoof boarding school stories, a genre quite popular in Britain children's literature, and speculative fiction as well, though she claims she did not consider the Harry Potter series to be within SF genre. The Wizarding World poses dilemmas of class and race as well with their Wizards who are both pure-bloods but also able to rise through the ranks based on sheer merit alone. There's also a large dash of adventure and some mystery mixed in as well.


Harry Potter Lexicon

[admin] March 2006
by myriadminion (myriadminion)
at March 1st, 2006 (04:46 pm)

March's theme isn't quite as broad as the previous one, but it's still quite general and easy to write, so maybe we'll get new participants.

Retelling of Atlanta and the golden apples

Greek myths are oral traditions that have been passed down until Ovid, Homer and other philosophers and the such penned them down into their own epics. There are variations on Atlanta's story. Atlanta was a princess in her own right, but when her father (parentage uncertain/cannot be agreed upon) discovered that his wife had birthed a girl-child instead of a male, he abandoned Atlanta in the woods. There, she was raised by wild animals, and in other variations of the myth, it's said that Artemis raised her for a short period of time as well.

There are two phases to Atlanta's life: the virgin huntress, and later, the unattainable virgin. The virgin huntress attracted the attention of the king Meleager, who invited her to a hunt. Atlanta drew first blood and was rewarded with the skin and head of the boar, inciting the fury of Meleager's uncles. Meleager, in an attempt to defend the honour of his new beloved, killed his uncles, and died almost immediately afterwards.

Atlanta's father reaccepted her into the royal family, and declared that she should marry. She demured by saying that she would only marry the person that could defeat her in a footrace. It was her cousin Melanion that managed to defeat Atlanta with Aphrodite's help, which came in the form of three golden apples.

Atlanta herself is a complex character: stubborn, unwilling to listen to authority and tries to make up her own rules when the ones existing don't suit her. Because it's a Greek myth, there are bound to be variations and different kinds of retellings. The mods aren't trying to impose their ideas or thoughts on Atlanta on anyone, so take the myth(s) and do with them what you will, be it via fic, art or anything else. We'd really like to see people participate, so please do if you've the time and inclination.

For further information on Atlanta, go here and here. Wikipedia also has a brief entry on the golden apples and the way they have been used in Greek mythology here.

i wear weird colours 'cos it suits me [userpic]
[Beauty and the Beast retelling] [original] Shangri-la
by i wear weird colours 'cos it suits me (cynic_in_charge)
at February 28th, 2006 (01:35 am)

Title: Shangri-la
Theme: retelling of Beauty and the Beast
Series: Original
Rating: PG13

( Beauty's closet is full of designer clothing... )

dijeron [userpic]
[cyberpunk!xxxHOLiC][xxxHOLiC] Pink Noise
by dijeron (dijeron)
at January 31st, 2006 (08:56 pm)

Title: Pink Noise
Theme: cyberpunk!xxxHOLiC
Series: xxxHOLiC
Rating: PG

The start of an idea I couldn't finish (quite) in time. Pink noise, incidentally, is like white noise only there's a pattern embedded into it.

But this is how it starts.Collapse )

Sabina [userpic]
[cyberpunk!XXXHolic] [XXXHolic/Ghost in the Shell] Shell
by Sabina (petronia)
at January 30th, 2006 (11:12 pm)

Title: Shell
Theme: cyberpunk!xxxHOLiC
Series: xxxHOLiC, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig
Rating: G

Spoilers for episode 11 of Second Gig, or rather incomprehensible if you haven't watched it (this is a retooling of sorts). ^^;

Shell (420 words)

[Admin] February's Theme
by myriadminion (myriadminion)
at January 30th, 2006 (10:07 pm)

February's theme is a little bit broader, so hopefully more people will be participating this month--retellings of Beauty and the Beast.

Retellings of Beauty and the Beast

Fairy tales in part have their roots in stories told through the oral tradition, so think nothing of mucking about and retelling them. This theme in some way allows us to return to the original concept behind this comm--giving all sorts of authors a chance to give their own twist to a particular theme. Beauty and the Beast is a particular popular fairy tale. Cupid and Psyche is considered to be oldest "version" of Beauty and the Beast. This is the story of the son of Venus wooing Psyche, a maiden supposedly more beautiful than Venus herself. Generally, Beauty and the Beast is the story of a beauty falling in love with a beast. (The title is terribly self-explanatory.) There is generally subterfuge on the part of the Beast, some curse that requires that the Beauty fall in love with him/marry him to save him. The Beauty must fall in love with the Beast based solely upon his pure heart, or something along those lines. He is, after all, a Beast. Generally, she is not to know of the curse and is kept trapped there to save her father's life. Ultimately, it's a story of transformation--Beauty learning not to judge upon appearances, the Beast to repent, because usually arrogance has led him to his beastly state, and obviously transform through the true love of the Beauty. We don't really want to be too restrictive, since there are many themes within the story.

Retellings vary from the Disney remake to Robin McKinley's book, Beauty, to Andrew Lang's retelling in the Blue Fairy Book. Anything goes as long as it's Beauty and the Beast--fic, original fic, poetry, art, etc.

SurLaLune's Annontated Beauty and the Beast (Note that this site is also an excellent source for other retellings as well.)

[cyberpunk!xxxHOLiC][xxxHOLiC][ fan comic samples ]
by #C0C0C0 (brownbag)
at January 30th, 2006 (12:56 am)

current mood: sleepy

Title: (none, again)
Theme: cyberpunk!xxxHOLiC
Series: xxxHOLiC
Rating: PG
Note: for dijeron
quasi-cyberpunk, actually. explanation + three sample panelsCollapse )

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[cyberpunk!xxxHOLiC][X/Chobits/xxxHOLiC] To Beast or Not to Beast
by i wear weird colours 'cos it suits me (cynic_in_charge)
at January 8th, 2006 (03:53 pm)

Title: The Tragedy of Humans: To Beast or Not to Beast
Theme: cyberpunk!xxxHOLiC
Series: Chobits, X/1999, xxxHOLiC
Rating: PG-13/R, I suppose.

Minoru looks for his sister and encounters the Witch of Dimensions instead.

( To Beast or Not to Beast )

[Admin] January's Theme
by myriadminion (myriadminion)
at January 2nd, 2006 (12:00 pm)

cyberpunk!XXXholic is January's theme and as promised, some notes for those who might want.


Ah, cyberpunk. Bruce Bethke is credited with coining the term, Cyberpunk. It's the title of a short story he wrote in 1980. William Gibson is generally hailed the godfather of cyberpunk solely based on his novel, Nueromancer, and most of the novels he's written since then follow this vein, more or less. So what's cyberpunk? Generally, the word is considered an amalgam of cybernetics and punk. Cybernetics, computers, the internet, whatever, were considered to be this wild, uncharted territory and coupled with punk, one giant send off to all authority (think F--- you), well it was the Wild Wild West for the 20th century. So lots of hacking and cyborgs, etc. There is also a fascination with dystopia, often giving cyberpunk a dark, pessimistic view of technology and the Man using it to hold people down. But that theme is one that's been around and then some. Isn't the Man always trying to stick it to someone, be it through Gold or Cybernetics? The political aspect of cyberpunk was a bit forced and not really all that punk. Punk was sort of dying or worse, being co-opted, ah the dangers of Hot Topic foreseen. More recent takes on cyberpunk have toned down the dystopia and the BORG aspect, but don't let that stop any of you from including either.

Wikipedia entry
The Cyberpunk Project Links


Yet another series of fubar from CLAMP. Originally a manga series that started in 2003 in Japan, a movie was released in summer 2005 in Japan. The manga has been translated in various countries as well. Set in the same 'verse as Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE, well as much as a series can be set in what is arguably one giant AU!romp. The main characters are Yuuko, a space-time dimensional witch that grants wishes and recalls Clow Reed, of CCS fame, Watanuki Kimihiro, a boy who can see ghosts and the indentured servant of Yuuko, Shizuka Doumeki, our little priestling, Himawari Kunogi, requisite crush, Mokona, Maru and Moro, the obvious plushie fangrrl bait. A healthy fascination with food, booze and ghosts runs throughout the series.

Wikipedia entry
EXOTiQUE--a xxxHOLiC fansite

dijeron [userpic]
[Steampunk!TRC][AL/TRC][Peaceable Country]
by dijeron (dijeron)
at December 31st, 2005 (08:03 pm)

Title: Peaceable Country
Theme: Steampunk!TRC
Series: AL/a touch of TRC
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: How strongly do you feel about Japanese militarism?
Front-matter: After the travelers leave, there are a few things left to be decided....

Originally, I'd wanted to do a bit more of a story, but time passed, and I had only time for this sort of epilogue to the action. Ah well. At least the community is a little more populated now.

Peaceable CountryCollapse )

Sabina [userpic]
by Sabina (petronia)
at December 30th, 2005 (12:18 am)

Title: Teatime
Theme: steampunk!TRC
Series: TRC
Rating: G

Eriol in one possible universe, motive unknown. XD Link leads to my journal.

Teatime (473 words)

[steampunk!TRC][TRC/CCS][ fan comic samples ]
by #C0C0C0 (brownbag)
at December 8th, 2005 (12:15 am)

current mood: sleepy

Hello. I know this community's primarily for fic, but the userinfo did say fan art is allowed, so...um.

Title: (none)
Theme: Steampunk! Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Series: TRC + small CCS bits
Rating: G
Note: for serendip.
longer noteCollapse )
just two pages, more like sketches than finished picCollapse )

the land of 3 princes [userpic]
[steampunk!TRC][TRC][Le Voyage Extraordinare]
by the land of 3 princes (serendip)
at December 4th, 2005 (10:10 pm)

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current song: Color Filter - Let's Give This a Whirl

Title: Le Voyage Extraordinare
Theme: steampunk!TRC
Series: TRC
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Read with a wary mind for canon and spoilers, my knowledge of TRC extends to volume 4 concretely and then through f-list squealings. This is also not steampunk, so don't use this as a model as such XD I have robots and steamboats and it sort of went downhill. A for effort? Written in part because eisenkleid said she wouldn't post her steampunk!ExT until someone wrote fic, in part because as mod, one ought to take one for the team, and last, but not least, I wanted to see if I could get megly lynched. For j00, lazulisong.

le voyage extraordinareCollapse )

[Admin] December's Theme~!
by myriadminion (myriadminion)
at November 25th, 2005 (06:19 pm)

December's Theme is steampunk!Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. As promised, here is some information to aid the posters for the month of December.


Simply defined, steampunk is the subgenre of speculative fiction set in AU!Victorian era where technological advances, such as cars, computers and flamethrowers, were produced using science already present in the past or "real" Victorian era. In Victorian times, that technology was steam-powered machinery.

Discussion of steampunk invariably drags cyberpunk into the mix. (Think of it as advance work for January's theme.) Steampunk is either a subset of cyberpunk or a genre created in response to cyberpunk. Steampunk has also shed the more dystopic tones, i.e. doom and gloom, of cyberpunk and expanded to encompass times other than the Victorian era.

Steampunk continues cyberpunk's attempts to negotiate the tension between science and technology and nature, humans and the world. Arguably, negotiation of these issues seems almost natural in the context of steampunk, forgive the pun, given the prevelance of scientific romances like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Time Machine in the Victorian era.

Various Articles on Steampunk
Wikipedia Entry
Word Spy Definintion

Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE

A new series begun by CLAMP involving interdimensional travel with old and new characters. We think that CLAMP miss their days as doujinshika and decided their fanbase was strong enough to indulge them so here we are. Since this series is really just an excuse to write one giant, neverending AU, it lends itself naturally to fic. The series is currently running in Shonen Magazine and is being aired as an anime. If you're considering writing fic for this series, you prolly don't require a summary. Since we don't want to offend unspoilt eyes, we will refer to the below links for more series details.

Wikipedia Entry
wing journey, a fan page

by myriadminion (myriadminion)
at November 25th, 2005 (06:00 pm)

Hello and welcome to myriad_myriad. If you've no idea what we're all about, please check out the community information.

Every month, we will be posting a new theme. The themes are included in the comm information, however we will also be offering a brief synopsis of the series as well as some insight into the theme for reference. If you have any questions, please refer to the links on the right and/or email us at myriadminion@gmail.com

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